It’s not fucking fair because you’re perfectly fine and I have tear stains on my pillow and pills down my throat. You’ve moved on while I’m drowning myself in whiskey trying to remember what it felt like to be in your arms. You’re happy with someone else and I lose hours of sleep thinking of you and what I could’ve done to make you stay. You’re rebuilding yourself while I tear myself apart.
I wish with all my heart it was the other way around. (via darthcaitlinnnn)

Sleeping on the sofa cause I can’t bare to be in my bed. Crying into my mums arms at 4am isn’t how I planned to spend today

Going through old texts saying how no matter what you’ll never leave. Well. That changed quick.

Anonymous asked:
what happened? :(

I fucked up. Pushed him away. I always do it. Nothing I can do. I’ll cry for a month. Get insanely drunk. Do things I’ll regret and we’ll both move on. I’m not gonna say I ain’t devastated but nothing I can do

I absolutely refuse to give up. You are my entire fucking world